Will vitex help me control PCOS

August 9, 2016 in PCOS social network

PCOS the syndrome is a boon to many supplement manufacturers. If you log into amazon, search for PCOS in reviews section, you see atleast 20+ natural supplements claiming as a solution to PCOS. Much of their benefits are typically characterized by menstrual cycle restoration, menstrual cycle regulation, aid with weight loss, helping with food cravings, stress relief, hormonal blanace, peace of mind etc
Now , coming to our topic of the day, is Vitex a real good supplement for PCOS. To answer this question I want to share my personal experience with vitex. Before few years while I had trouble conceiving I had to browse a lot. Many women mentioned about PCOS. I naturally wanted to give this a shot and bought supplements in amazon
I started with three pills a day. The very first reaction I had was Wow. I have never ever felt this peace of mind, balance of mind before. I can feel that something is happening inside me. I continues taking the pills. Now comes the surprise. After 20 days I did a pregnancy test and it is positive.
I have had my mensuration before 9 months, started taking vitex, did not get my menstruation, but CONCEIVED. So, I think vitex helped me with ovulation. Here I should mention one more thing. It is during this time I started taking metformin after a very big gap of 9 months. May be vitex, metformin combination helped me conceive.
I had some personal life vents, had to try to become pregnant once again. This time I took vitex for 3 months alongside metformin. I could not see any success. So, I stopped vitex, but still took metformin for few more months. I had success after few months.
Now, few months into postpartum, I felt depressed, had lot of craving for sugar, started adding sugar to my coffee. I stopped adding sugar to coffee ever since my teens. I’ve never ever had this level of craving but somehow I don’t know I needed something. Before few days, I started vitex again. Now, my craving is well under control.
As a conclusion vitex has given me peace of mind, hormonal regulation as they claim it to be. This alone can’t help you conceive based on my experience. So, go for proper treatment and if you want to give this a shot, I’m for it. I took the pills today morning as well

Finger millet stew helped me become pregnant with PCOS

August 7, 2016 in PCOS social network

Being a PCOS patient for about more than a decade, I had faced all the issues, problems, insults all these days. Major issue did crop up when I tried to conceive. Problem with PCOS is that menstrual cycle is irregular, even if we get menstrual cycle we are not sure if we ovulate properly. All these led to frustration
I eat lots of sugar and fond of carbs. I wanted to see if switching my breakfast helps me ovulate properly. Upon research I found that finger millet is a crop that is not polished and hence found to retain its benefits even after processing. This is a food very rich in calcium, much needed for PCOS. Also, iron rich nature makes it a best choice for em try this out.
I started boiling a cup of water, added 1tsp of finger millet powder, mixed it to cook my stew every morning. All I do is add little salt and eat it in this form. After 2 months I did not get my menstruation back. Having fed up I checked pregnancy to make sure I’m not pregnant before taking progesterone pills.
To my surprise I saw a plus sign in pregnancy kit. What a moment? Though finger millet is not the only factor, definitely this is a food that did add value to my endeavor in weight loss, becoming pregnant. Though this has got a raw flavor, this helps a lot with obesity, diabetes and this would be my breakfast recommendation for PCOS patients

Will nuts help PCOS real life story

August 7, 2016 in PCOS social network

I read lots of articles talking about health benefits of nuts, its ability to help PCOS patients etc. This is a social network. I want to share much of my real-life story to help the PCOS community. Here is my recent experience with nut consumption and the impact it has had on my PCOS
I was pregnant and had to be on bed rest. All I do is eat food, take pills, go to bed. Life wasn’t so easy. As a PCOS patient I’m prone to weight gin. Adding to this there had been no activity during my pregnancy. All these made me think that I will have a terrible weight gain during my pregnancy
As part of everyday snack I consumed good quantity of walnuts. In my opinion it worked and helped me keep my PCOS weight gain under control. After my delivery, I checked my weight. It has not gone up even 1 pound. Now, I believe in real power of nuts. They make you feel full, help you with PCOS, definitely help with weight management. Try it yourself

PCOS which is important calcium or magnesium?

August 7, 2016 in PCOS social network

I read lots of blogs, health coach articles online and most of them talk about importance of magnesium and its impact on PCOS. I’m sharing this content based on my personal experience
As soon as I have been diagnosed pregnant, my physician assistant arranged for a meeting with me. She gave me list of medicines to take during pregnancy including pre-natal vitamins which I have been taking even before becoming pregnant, some medicines based on blood work etc.
It is interesting to note that she asked me to take Calcium supplement. They did not have any specific brand recommendation. At costco I found kirkland brand which is combination of calcium, zinc, magnesium. I asked her about this and she confirmed that I can go ahead with purchase.
Until I delivered my baby, I took the pills every single day. In addition to this I took vitamin D pills as well.
Now, coming to the question is magnesium important than calcium, I don’t know as I’m not a healthcare professional. However, I found a medical publication that says calcium is the most important for PCOS. Magnesium has nothing to do with insulin resistance the way calcium does. So, take recommendation from your doctor before pregnancy, during pregnancy and consume proper quantities of calcium, magnesium, zinc as recommended

Is it safe to take metformin during breastfeeding

August 6, 2016 in PCOS social network

PCOS patient is well aware of the fact that PCOS and metformin are co-joined twins. They always go hand in hand. Ever since you have been diagnosed PCOS, your metformin journey starts. It becomes a part of your life with minimal 500mg, can grow upto 2000mg or more depending on your health condition, recommendation from your physician
Now, lets talk about breastfeeding, consumption of metformin during breastfeeding, safety issues associated with this.
Note: I’m not a doctor. I had exact same question. This is what my gynecologist, lactation consultant, pediatrician told me. I’m trying to cover all their advice as summary. Please talk to your healthcare professionals, get professional advice before making a decision
1) My gynecologist says, Metformin helps with insulin insensitivity. If not consumed this will impact your metabolism terribly. Hormonal imbalance during breastfeeding is not safe. So, we can continue metformin as such
2) Lactation consultant says, we don’t have guidelines on metformin and its real impact, safety while breastfeeding. Pediatrician is the person to go. However, PCOS patient find it terribly difficult to generate sufficient milk. If this is safe, you can take it as your gynecologist says it will help with hormone regulation. As a lactation consultant I need proper hormonal balance for my prolactin
3) Now comes critical pediatrician advice : They asked me to refer to a website.It is U.S National Library of medicine popularly called lactmed in which you can search for metformin, see more details on what research says. If you are convinced, go ahead with metformin consumption while breastfeeding

Interpersonal skill a PCOS patient must possess

August 6, 2016 in PCOS social network

Only a PCOS patient knows the real pain of poly cystic ovarian syndrome. As the name suggests it is a syndrome that does shadow the feminine nature, feminine characteristics in women
In addition to medicines subscribed by your endocrinologist a PCOS patient must develop certain interpersonal skills that will help them lead a peaceful life
1) Confidence – One major aspect of PCOS patient is not able to face the world with full confidence. One major reason being certain external PCOS symptoms including hirutism, skin pigmentation, obese physique, hair issues all contribute and lead to a state wherein they feel really inferior about themselves. Here is what I’d say
We are no inferior than others. As a matter of fact we are far superior than normal women , for the simple reason being we struggle hard to lead a normal life in spite of all our issues. So, develop lot of confidence
2) Taking care of themselves – With the emotional roller coaster ride a PCOS patient faces each and every day, we need a shoulder to fall back on. This does not happen in many cases. Simple fix would be learn to take care of yourself. Love yourself. Every morning as soon as you get up, go and watch your face in mirror. Utter this loudly. I love your_name (fill in the blank with your name) very very much. I’m so sweet. I’m really confident. This will give you psychological support you have always yearned for
3) Perseverance – PCOS can be overcome only through perseverance. There are no real shortcuts unless otherwise GOD blesses you real soon. When I come across an adage I think of PCOS ” All things come to those who wait. You are not going to get anything without working hard. IF you get something without working hard, that doesn’t last longer”. This is 100% true in case of PCOS patient. Never give up. If you lose weight, always remember that you will gain weight way faster than others. So, watch your weight day in day out
4) Goal setting – Every night before you go to bed, every morning immediately after waking up write down your weight loss goal for that week/month/year depending on your choice. This can even be simple as I’ll maintain my current weight. This really helps
5) Focus – the basic secret of success is laser focus, focusing on one and only real thing. Your aim should be to stay calm mentally, take care of your health. If you feel frustration by comparing yourself with others that really sucks your self-confidence. So, stay focused
6) Meditation and breathing exercises – PCOS are equally impacted mentally as they are impacted physically. Breathing exercise can be made way of life, part of their life to stay calm and cool

Soy milk helps PCOS patient metabolism cardiovascular health

August 5, 2016 in PCOS social network

PCOS the poly cystic ovarian syndrome is a condition that is found to cause major stress among women of reproductive age. Based on research papers, I see that on an average 5 million women in USA are affected by PCOS. This insulin resistance condition is more prevalent among women in rice consuming countries like India, pakistan, more prominently asia.

PCOS patient’s life starts with metformin and ends with metformin. Dosage varies anywhere from 500mg to 1500 mg based on condition diagnosis, doctor’s prescription. This is not a complete cure for this condition as the dosage is regulated based on blood results at required frequency

If you are a PCOS patient you are very well aware of your metabolism rate and you always look for a way to improve your metabolic rate. More or less PCOS patients are obese and this poses cardiac risk. To circumvent all of these essential natural supplements is something a PCOS patient is in search of.

Being a PCOS myself for about 2 decades I look for better food options to help me regulate my weight. I imagine a day without metformin and it feels like on top of the world. Today morning I happened to read a research paper talking about impact of soy isoflavones and its impact on PCOS patient. The research conducted beginning of this year concludes that soy isoflavones improve metabolism and cardiovascular health in PCOS patient

Immediately, I started looking for options. In the paper they have mentioned that patients have been given soy supplements in the form of pills. They also said that soy milk can be consumed on regular basis to enjoy same benefits.

I did make a note of my food routine and found that I consume milk in the form of tea, coffee twice a day. Soy isoflavones are found in form of pills
I looked at costco and see that soy milk is available. Planning to switch one session of tea/coffee with a glass of soy milk. I’ll blog on health improvements that I see after few months
Here is the paper that I came across that talks about soy isoflavones , benefits of soy milk in PCOS patients

healthdurbar.com PCOS social network launched

August 4, 2016 in PCOS social network

healthdurbar.com is happy to announce the launch of PCOS Social Network. This is an initiative to help PCOS world

Who can benefit from this PCOS social network?

Here are the target segments we think will get best benefit out of this. If you think you need some PCOS related advice, help, support become a member in this PCOS social network 100% FREE

  1. PCOS Patients – Real pain of PCOS can be realized by someone who has undergone, currently undergoing stress owing to PCOS. This health condition creates lots of stress physically, mentally, emotionally. Let go your PCOS worries by becoming member, sharing your success story, stay fit, conquer the PCOS mental stress, stay confident, become pregnant
  2. PCOS Treatment Providers – This includes physicians who are specialized in treating PCOS patients, PCOS treatment clinics, PCOS treatment providing hospitals, laboratories helping with PCOS diagnosis
  3. PCOS Treatment & associated Supplies – This can include ovulation tracking┬ákit providers, pregnancy kit providers, pharmacies who are registered and authorized to sell medicines related to PCOS treatment etc. You can talk more about your products, promote your products among PCOS patients
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